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Plastics Live is a newly launched, unique business-to-business event dedicated to all who manufacture in plastic. The event will take place at the Coventry Building Society Arena (formerly Ricoh Arena), in Coventry, the UK’s manufacturing heartland, July 5-6, 2022.

The team at Plastics Live teamed up with SmartaStudio to help forge their brand, online presence, and all physical and digital marketing elements of the event, with our ongoing support for marketing, SEO, and branding.

Positive Changes For A Changing Industry - Plastics Live


We have worked with the organisers of Plastics Live in the past on other projects, so they always provide us with the license to be as creative as we like! We researched the market, from small 3D printing bureaus to multi-million-pound manufacturing enterprises and created a brand that would appeal to all and provide what is a forever changing industry with an innovative event brand that focuses on the future development of manufacturing in plastic.

“Plastics Live is for forward-thinking plastic manufacturers who are focussed and committed on their future. Our conference and workshop sessions will offer our visitors advice on how to future-proof business, how to use technology to improve output, save energy and the environment, in turn, create the factories of the future.”

Event banner for Plastics Live


Plastics Live needed a brand that identifies with the audience as the future of events in the plastics industry. Their aim is to provide a platform for the sustainability of manufacturing to protect both the industry and the environment.

SmartaStudio has been our number one design partner for over 2 years now, and it is safe to say we love working with them. We trust in their vision and creativity and they never fail to deliver whether it is branding, websites or digital marketing. The attention to detail is second to none and they really understand our business, vision and express all of our ideas into the branding for our global events.

Scott Colman, CEO, Plastics Live
Event backdrop for Plastics Live


Four separate logos were designed for the key areas that the event focuses on. The co-located events provide a clear path for the companies involved in the plastics industry to future-proof themselves and never get left behind.

The logo designs are all futuristic and minimal, to provide a clear picture on the sector of each event and the need for a sustainable future in the world of plastic.


The website is such that it provides potential exhibitors and visitors alike a clear and concise information hub to find out everything they need about the events. The back-end integrations are cool too, with automated forms that capture data submitted by a user and saves them in an external database to provide Plastics Live with more time to spend on the important things in the overall organising of their event.

Website for Plastics Live

Digital marketing

We will continue to work with the marketing team at Plastics Live to help promote the event on their relevant marketing channels, such as social media and PR. Marketing is the lifeblood of events, they need to build a presence, maintain their brand, and grow their audience to be a successful event.


Plastics Live now has a guiding strategy and an exciting brand to lead all future experiences. The brand has successfully launched and has been welcomed with open arms in the industry as a ‘breath of fresh air’ in a changing industry. We can’t wait to see more of the brand in action and provide future support to the growth of this innovative event.

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Wensleydale Spiced Rum is a newly launched spiced rum producer from the heart of Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales. The client came to us with specific requests around their brand identity and reflecting that online with a bespoke website providing them with a strong online presence.

We have worked with the team at Wensleydale Spiced Rum in the past on their award-winning gin, Taplin & Mageean. So they knew what to expect and trusted us to deliver some amazing results for their new product.


We collected all the necessary information about their new brand. From the meaning behind the tagline to the art deco meaning behind the label and aimed to portray all of that in their website. After several meetings and brainstorming sessions with the client, we got down to work and starting putting together concepts for the rum.


The first stop was to make WSR’s brand and label design portray on the website, ensuring customers recognise the label and resonate with its meaning across all platforms and channels. Then, we proceeded to involve high quality and stunning imagery of both the rum in action and the setting in which it is distilled. High-quality imagery of the Yorkshire Dales were used and a selection of shots were taken of the rum’s bottle and it poured into a glass.

We needed to ensure people knew exactly what WSR was all about. Appealing to a broad audience of your typical high-class rum drinkers, all the way down to a young adult in a local pub, it had to be as descriptive and visual as possible with the way it was designed and structured.


Wensleydale Spiced Rum now has a distinct brand that its marketing team can run with. The brand and website resonate with their target audience and will be a perfect platform for product growth in the future.

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Case study coming soon

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Case study coming soon.


Here at my online boutique, you will find FABULOUS designs made with top-of-the-line materials. Ever since I was a child, design has been my passion. It is my utmost promise that my clothes will add a unique touch to your wardrobe, and make you stand out in a crowd.

Yesi Rose Fashion approached SmartaStudio with a vision of reinventing and redesigning their Shopify website in order to showcase a new direction for the boutique as well as transforming their online presence to generate more sales and expand their business.

Mobile Responsive Yesi Rose Fashion

Feeling good about Yesi Rose Fashion

Yesi Rose Fashion donates 15% of their profits to the local community in Peru to support education, healthcare and general lifestyle of Yesi’s local community. We wanted to make this clear on the website as it is a unique offering which not many fashion boutiques match.

Pop up on Yesi Rose Fashion website
Gallery Overlay on Yesi Rose Fashion website
Product page Yesi Rose Fashion website

Website configuration

We helped Yesi Rose Fashion restructure their websites collections, product names and filtering strategies to provide a user with a much simpler and friendlier experience when navigating the website.

Altering product names has further improved the sites SEO and will continue to grow organically because of this.


SmartaStudio has provided Yesi Rose Fashion with a brand new Shopify E-Commerce website which has reinvented the businesses online presence. The new website will help Yesi Rose Fashion expand in the future and allow more and more people to buy their products on a friendly E-Commerce platform built by SmartaStudio.

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Founded in 2001, ALIO Industries is driven by a peerless team of exceptional engineers that have an obsessive focus on nanometer-level motion control, customer success, and pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as possible, based in the United States.

Today, ALIO offers a high-end boutique-like service, with a strong emphasis on responsiveness to our customers. As a company we have always been focussed on nanometer-level precision, and as such we have a reputation, a knowledge base, and a level of stability that cannot be matched when ultra-precise and reliable motion control is demanded.

Custom Designed Icons for ALIO Industries


SmartaStudio has been performing monthly SEO for ALIO Industries since August 2020, following 6 successful months of SEO, with an overall traffic increase of 110% and more conversions than ever before, they began to believe in the SmartaStudio way of working. We have built a solid relationship with ALIO, which resulted in them approaching us with the vision of reinventing their website to evolve the business.


ALIO’s previous website was holding them back to achieve their true potential. A dated and old-fashioned website that didn’t provide users with an experience that represents the professionalism and quality of ALIO’s products and services.


ALIO’s new website was required to be secure. With the previous website having some historic issues with cyber-attacks we firstly ensured their new website would be practically untouchable.

Secondly, we needed to provide a structure and design which represented ALIO in the way it deserves. ALIO’s tagline is Passion in Motion, we needed to portray that passion in the website.

Home page
Products page


We firstly set out with the objective of turning all the wrongs of the pre-existing website into rights. A severe lack of call-to-actions, and huge blocks of text with a lack of graphics and imagery really held the website back. Our new design provides users with a clear well-designed approach to access the wealth of information on their products.

A newly structured ‘Products & Solutions’ section which allowed users to access the correct information on the right products really easily was achieved.

Each of ALIO’s products is unique, we designed an icon set based on the product in order to further identify the product instead of just a name.

Each of the products also has its own specific data sheets, which include statistics and components for each product. These data sheets are sensitive and are not to be accessed by anyone. We provided a layer of security to their website with an Account creation facility, allowing the team at ALIO to approve users. Once a user is approved, they are then able to download datasheets for their selected products through an exclusive file area on the ALIO Industries website.

Mobile Responsive Website - ALIO


ALIO’s new website launched at the start of April. Since then, it has been warmly recognised by their clients and potential clients as a huge step in the right direction for the brand and identity of ALIO Industries. We cannot wait to continue our working relationship with the team at ALIO and further support their brand with our services.

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Connecting suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers on one platform! Make online buying easy and generate more revenue with pre-qualified buyers. Our online channel focuses purely on providing a pan-African e-commerce platform for SMEs, large enterprises to sell more of their products & services via the Smarta 24/7 ecosystem.

Smarta 24/7 provides a conduit platform for companies in South Africa to buy and sell products in order to stock their pharmacies, GP/dental/veterinary surgeries with the latest and greatest products.


We teamed up with Smarta 24/7 to help position this new venture in the best possible way. Becoming an innovator in the South African landscape and built off the back of the success of their industry events in Johannesburg we needed to leverage this business in the best way possible.

We created the brand. From logo, colours, positioning, taglines, content, fonts, and the overall ethos of this new start-up was helped by SmartaStudio.

We also created two websites for Smarta 24/7. Firstly we positioned their marketing website which they use to promote the platform to their audience. With originally designed graphics to showcase how the platform works and optimised content we are super excited to show this to the world.


Using the power of multi-vendor software CS-Cart, Smarta 24/7 has launched in May 2021 and has welcomed a number of vendors onto the platform already. With an advanced payment gateway, fully functional order system which is beyond advanced, Smarta 24/7 is simply the highest tech B2B marketplace in South Africa for any industry.

Our ongoing support for onboarding vendors, marketing the platform and supporting the general use of customers is providing the team at Smarta 24/7 the flexibility to achieve the most they can out of Smarta 24/7


A launch campaign and future marketing pieces are all being created by SmartaStudio. With a total outreach of 50,000 contacts a corporate video, email marketing and social media campaigns has been supoorted and created by us to help launch Smarta 24/7

Email marketing

A strong design with clear call-to-actions to drive customers to the website.


Smarta 24/7 has successfully launched and is onboarding new vendors by the day. We are very happy to have been apart of this project and look forward to supporting their journey in the future.

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The Transformer is an award-winning business coaching and mentoring company based in Cheshire, UK. The Founder, Joe O’Connor has the most incredible story and has used his experiences in life and business to provide a leading business mentoring service that transforms your business and helps you achieve your goals.

This project has been one of our favourites to date, with free reign on design and functionality, we really enjoyed working with the team at The Transformer.

The Transformer Website
A website that encapsulates everything that is great about, The Transformer


The Transformer provides a unique experience to any other business coaching businesses. With their Mastermind & beyond programme, they carefully select the members for each session, this forms an unbeatable, problem solving team that can support each other with their problems in the future. The previous website was dated, tired and ultimately needed a complete refresh in order to transform the business.


The objective of the website was to create an interactive, hub of information that ultimately represented The Transformer in the way it deserves. From endless online meetings to endless hours forging together a website that represents The Transformer in the exact way they want. With a plethora of information to absorb, all laid out in a structured and clean format that provides a user experience like no other. A real SmartaStudio special!

Alongside the website, we produced a cutting-edge sales brochure for the team at The Transformer to help onboard new entrepreneurs to their platform. The brochure has ultimately transformed their sales process with a very easy and stunning reference point to showcase the value of The Transformer to potential clients.

Transformer Brochure

“I first approached SmartaStudio with a view to his team updating my website. After our initial chat, it became clear that SmartaStudio has a huge understanding on how to present a business online in a positive light. What is also refreshing is they knew exactly how to use all the technical attributes and website applications available to make sure communicating your message visually is achieved.

What I found particularly encouraging was how SmartaStudio captured all of the detail from our existing website, which was busy, lacked direction, and was not user-friendly and transferred the same information to our new website which is now clean, user-friendly, and captures everything visitors need to know about our company. Including details about my life experience and the services, I offer to help my client entrepreneurs achieve the massive success they deserve.

SmartaStudio definitely knows their stuff and I regularly recommend them whenever and to whoever I can.”

Joe O’Connor – The Transformer
The Transformer Website - About


The website has been breath taking for The Transformer. They ran their first, very successful, Mastermind & beyond programme since the launch of the website in the middle of March and the results have been tremendous.

We have loved working with The Transformer and look forward to continuing our working relationship with a magnificent company.

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Plastech Moulding set up its modern manufacturing facility in 2017 to provide a solution for the high volume manufacture of foldable forks for one of its leading customers that had previously sourced these in Asia. Based on a modern business park with room to grow following the recent BRC accreditation we are keen to expand our business and provide innovative manufacturing solutions for other customers wishing to source their products from the UK.

Using our long experience in the plastic injection moulding industry and latest generation equipment and extensive range of top quality suppliers we are well placed to provide your business with an innovative manufacturing solution for your product, that delivers the volume, quality and cost you need to fulfil your requirements.


Plastech Moulding offers a unique, modern approach to traditional means of plastic manufacturing. Their sustainable, high-volume and efficient approach is what sets them apart from their competitors within the industry.

We wanted to represent that within their brand and evolve the business into an all-encompassing manufacturing business that is sustainable for the future.


It was vitally important that we website showcased the brand and its ideas from the second a user opens it. A clean and modern website, using imagery and graphics to drive engagement with the user was the main target for this website.


Since the release of P-M’s new website, they have seen a large improvement on conversion and enquiries through the website. With overall feedback suggesting the website was very easy to navigate and got the companies message across in a very effective way.

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“We employed SmartaStudio to re-design our Plastech Moulding website and build a new site, revolutionise our brand for 2021. We met with the SmartaStudio team at their offices and whilst the build was taking place we revisited and spent the day working with the design team whilst the project edged closer to being live.”

Stephen Rundle, Managing Director, Plastech Industries