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Wensleydale Spiced Rum

A right rum do


Wensleydale Spiced Rum is a newly launched spiced rum producer from the heart of Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales. The client came to us with specific requests around their brand identity and reflecting that online with a bespoke website providing them with a strong online presence.

We have worked with the team at Wensleydale Spiced Rum in the past on their award-winning gin, Taplin & Mageean. So they knew what to expect and trusted us to deliver some amazing results for their new product.


We collected all the necessary information about their new brand. From the meaning behind the tagline to the art deco meaning behind the label and aimed to portray all of that in their website. After several meetings and brainstorming sessions with the client, we got down to work and starting putting together concepts for the rum.


The first stop was to make WSR’s brand and label design portray on the website, ensuring customers recognise the label and resonate with its meaning across all platforms and channels. Then, we proceeded to involve high quality and stunning imagery of both the rum in action and the setting in which it is distilled. High-quality imagery of the Yorkshire Dales were used and a selection of shots were taken of the rum’s bottle and it poured into a glass.

We needed to ensure people knew exactly what WSR was all about. Appealing to a broad audience of your typical high-class rum drinkers, all the way down to a young adult in a local pub, it had to be as descriptive and visual as possible with the way it was designed and structured.


Wensleydale Spiced Rum now has a distinct brand that its marketing team can run with. The brand and website resonate with their target audience and will be a perfect platform for product growth in the future.

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