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Gin from the heart


Taplin & Mageean was founded back in 2018 by Chris Taplin and Barry Mageean. Barry Mageean is one of the youngest and most talented distillers in the country, and after some time working as head distiller at the Yorkshire gin company Masons, he left to join Taplin & Mageean with the sole aim of producing a series of world-class ultra-premium gins.


The thought process behind the new website, was to provide users with a seamless experience, where a single scrolling parallax website is implemented. This provides users with a simple step by step website, split into sections in order to absorb all the relevant information, without the need of navigating through menus.

The purpose of the website was to present the company and its product, Taplin & Mageean, while telling a story to the customer on how and why T&M was created.

The shop is hosted within a different address, built using Shopify, the official T&M shop provides users with an easy to use and secure shop to purchase products.

“The brief was to develop a website that explained the provenance of my craft Gin business, and to tie it into the location of the distillery in the Yorkshire Dales. I was able to provide a back of a napkin idea of what I had in mind, but the results from Smarta Studio were absolutely fantastic, and fulfilled the brief and some. It is extremely important in the highly competitive world of craft gin production to have an outward profile that conveys the real essence of what you do, and to show why your product stands out from the crowd. Smarta Studio have achieved this for us, and are an exceptional organisation.”

Chris Taplin, Owner, Taplin & Mageean Spirit Company


Since the launch of the new website, Taplin & Mageean have received an increase of orders through their shop, while visitors to the site have been widely impressed with the information they received. All visitors arrived with questions and left with the answers they desired.

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