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Jonathon Lea Coaching is an online body transformation and personal training coach. Jonathon has dedicated 10 years of his life to sport, health and fitness working with a wide variety of clients getting them to achieve life-changing, sustainable results.

“Everything from design, development, SEO, and website hosting, SmartaStudio has been able to sort for me and it has been done quickly, easily, and extremely efficient. With minimal input from myself, besides a basic look I was after, they ran away with it and came back with an absolutely stunning website. It is absolutely everything I needed in my brand to tie everything together.

I would definitely recommend SmartaStudio if you are thinking about creating more of an online presence. They have great knowledge on how to make your website look absolutely amazing, slick and professional. They have done a wonderful job and all for a great price.”

Jonathan Lea, Jonathan Lea Coaching


Jonathon Lea Coaching approached SmartaStudio with the desire to take their online personal training to the next level. They had already built a strong audience through social media channels and wanted to show progression and growth with a revolutionary website, never seen before in the industry.

The websites purpose was to be scalable, and give visitors relevant and powerful information that they could apply in their lives. This would ultimately lead to them enquiring about Jonathon’s coaching. The website is going to expanded in the future, with a members site being added in, including a forum, video blog page and exclusive information.


Since launching the website, Jonathon Lea Coaching has had an influx in clients, the website has been a welcomed change by his existing online audience and has ultimately transformed his coaching business for the better.

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