We are a modern and empowering creative studio.

Based in Nantwich, Cheshire. We are specialists in bespoke website design, strategic branding and SEO

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We are branding, website design and SEO experts based in Nantwich, Cheshire.

SmartaStudio are nothing short of excellent at both design and development. I spent a serious amount of time choosing which web design agency to instruct for a complete rebuild and SmartaStudio did not disappoint. Not only do they work to an incredibly high standard but also listen intently, are extremely responsive and turn work around with speed. Do not waste your time searching for alternatives. Thanks again!
Oliver Bennett – One Way Electrical

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  • What separates SmartaStudio from other design agencies?

    We get this question a lot. There are many competent UX agencies in the UK alone and even more globally. It’s hard to be different when the standard is so high.

    So how do we stand out? First and foremost, it’s the quality of our work and the craft it takes to make it. The digital products and interfaces we create are easy to use, look great, and represent your brand in the best way possible. Then, it’s the people who make your project a reality. We always assign a multidisciplinary team of senior designers, developers, and other specialists.

    Our proposals are all based on your company, your budget and your ideas. We do not overcharge and will always try our best to support our clients and their needs.

    Finally, unlike most traditional user experience design companies, we combine creative and product design capabilities under one roof and on the same project. Imagine a branding firm meets a UX consultancy — that’s us.

  • Can your agency help me with web design and development?

    Yes, we can. We’re famous for creating dazzling marketing websites that meet our clients’ goals by merging brand storytelling and award‑winning web design with the latest and greatest web technologies. Our sites convert well, and people share them like crazy, which helps us get new clients who are already huge fans of our work.

  • How much does it cost to use your services?

    Our pricing is directly related to the project scope, timeline, deliverables, and team composition. When the scope isn’t set in stone, or the project is very dynamic, we prefer engaging on a time and materials basis where you pay us for the time spent. However, most of our engagements are fixed‑price contracts. In this case, we’ll give you a detailed proposal after learning as much as possible about your project. All estimates are calculated based on the hourly rates and the number of hours we think the job will take.

  • Do you do branding or should I hire a separate branding agency?

    Yes, we do. Our capabilities include research, brand strategy, logo design, visual identity, communication design, and style guide development, among other things.

    However, our clients often provide us either with a brand strategy or even a complete visual identity package. In these cases, we use the current brand foundation as a starting point, not just carefully applying it to whatever we’re designing but making sure we extend and enrich the brand while staying true to its roots.

  • Do you work with startups? If so, how can my early‑stage company afford you?

    As a UK‑based UX design agency, we partner with startups big and small all the time. What can be better than helping founders bring to life ideas the world has never seen before? We enjoy a fast‑moving environment that challenges our skillset and process.

    The ultimate achievement for us is seeing our startup clients grow and take over the world.

    We have special discounted rates for startups we believe in. Email our Director Ryan to learn more.

  • What process should I expect from your UX agency?

    Our UI/UX design process is based on the design thinking methodology, which allows us to be flexible, adapting to almost any project type and collaboration model. While each engagement is unique, we always go through the following key phases:

    Discovery & Research
    We usually start by consolidating all available project documentation and scheduling workshops with your team. During those sessions, we interview key stakeholders, collaborate on requirements, as well as ideate and plan the next steps. When possible, we’d want to talk to your current or potential customers to understand their needs and pain points. In some cases, we may need to audit your existing product to identify opportunities for improvements. We will also review competitor products, gather design references, and document best practices.

    Strategy & Concepts
    Based on the discovery & research results, we synthesize a strategic direction and define an approach to drive our design process. We explore different concepts to establish such core elements as information architecture, key screen layouts, and visual design direction. We then validate the resulting concept with users and stakeholders. Once the feedback is in, we make necessary updates to proceed with designing the rest of the product.

    UI/UX Design
    After the concept has been approved, we start designing the UI and UX, continuously conducting user tests, and iterating along the way. The main activities include user flow mapping, wireframing, user interface design, interaction design, and prototyping. We hand off design assets to developers using tools like Zeplin and provide a comprehensive style guide that includes a UI component library, UX guidelines, and complete user flows.

  • How can I get a proposal for my project?

    Please send us an email first with a quick summary of your project or an RFI/RFP. We usually reply within 24 hours to schedule an introductory call and ask any immediate questions. During our first call, we will ask a lot of questions about the project goals, audience, budget, timeline, and other essential details. We can sign an NDA if necessary, but we always treat all client conversations as confidential.

    After the call, we may request various documentation such as a design brief, project requirements, past designs, etc. If we’re redesigning an existing website, we’ll want to demo or try it ourselves. We will email you a proposal and can schedule a video call to walk you through it. The proposal will include a detailed description of our approach, project phases, activities, and deliverables, team composition, and relevant case studies.

  • Can you help us with Google SEO?

    Yes, we can. We offer top of the range Google SEO services, providing your business with the best of chances of exposure on Google.

    At SmartaStudio we work closely with you to define and plan your perfect SEO campaign, from what keywords to target, how to target them and then we can also work with you to get the most out of your new visitors, through CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).

  • Can you help us with email and social media marketing campaigns?

    Yes, we can. We offer bespoke designed email marketing campaigns along with branded and bespoke social media graphics to further improve your business across all platforms of the online world.