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ALIO Product Configurator

Making ALIO’s life easier

Since 2001, ALIO Industries has been creating a better way to meet industry demand for nanometer-level motion control. Since August 2021, ALIO have been a client of SmartaStudio, working closely together on their SEO strategy, in December 2021 SmartaStudio redesigned the website for ALIO to further enhance their position in the motion control industry in the United States. Read the case study here

Recently, ALIO approached SmartaStudio with a few issues they were having in their sales process, with a lot of admin work being required to turn a website lead into a genuine sale. ALIO have over 200 products, spanning across 7 product families which all have their own unique specifications to fit their customers application. SmartaStudio worked with ALIO to provide a solution to their problems.

The Product Configurator

SmartaStudio designed and developed a new section on the existing ALIO Industries website which allows existing or prospective customers to filter through the range of products which ALIO offers to find the best solution for their application.

Using an advanced and bespoke filter system, the ALIO Product Configurator gives users the option to filter the products by a range of different options which are either application specific or based on the specifications of each product.


Users are able to filter the products by a range of specifications or application-based metrics.

Product image

Each individual product has its own 3D rendered drawing to visually represent the specified product.

Light system

Each product is ranked from Best Fit to Fit based on metrics set by ALIO. This helps customers to accurately select the product which is best suited for their application.

Specification table

Each product then has its own dedicated page which has its exact datasheet table imported for the more advanced customer.

Mobile Responsive

Of course its mobile responsive… that goes without saying!

Website Evolution

SmartaStudio has also completely revamped the ALIO Industries website working closely with Micro PR & Marketing to establish new content and new sections throughout the website. These aren’t quite as cool as the configurator but still have added huge potential to the website to help grow ALIO Industries.


The evolution of the ALIO Industries website has been a great success and will help ALIO grow their business and ultimately attract new customers in the process.

View the Configurator here

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