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Best in-class nanometer-level motion control.

Founded in 2001, ALIO Industries is driven by a peerless team of exceptional engineers that have an obsessive focus on nanometer-level motion control, customer success, and pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as possible, based in the United States.

Today, ALIO offers a high-end boutique-like service, with a strong emphasis on responsiveness to our customers. As a company we have always been focussed on nanometer-level precision, and as such we have a reputation, a knowledge base, and a level of stability that cannot be matched when ultra-precise and reliable motion control is demanded.

Custom Designed Icons for ALIO Industries


SmartaStudio has been performing monthly SEO for ALIO Industries since August 2020, following 6 successful months of SEO, with an overall traffic increase of 110% and more conversions than ever before, they began to believe in the SmartaStudio way of working. We have built a solid relationship with ALIO, which resulted in them approaching us with the vision of reinventing their website to evolve the business.


ALIO’s previous website was holding them back to achieve their true potential. A dated and old-fashioned website that didn’t provide users with an experience that represents the professionalism and quality of ALIO’s products and services.


ALIO’s new website was required to be secure. With the previous website having some historic issues with cyber-attacks we firstly ensured their new website would be practically untouchable.

Secondly, we needed to provide a structure and design which represented ALIO in the way it deserves. ALIO’s tagline is Passion in Motion, we needed to portray that passion in the website.

Home page
Products page


We firstly set out with the objective of turning all the wrongs of the pre-existing website into rights. A severe lack of call-to-actions, and huge blocks of text with a lack of graphics and imagery really held the website back. Our new design provides users with a clear well-designed approach to access the wealth of information on their products.

A newly structured ‘Products & Solutions’ section which allowed users to access the correct information on the right products really easily was achieved.

Each of ALIO’s products is unique, we designed an icon set based on the product in order to further identify the product instead of just a name.

Each of the products also has its own specific data sheets, which include statistics and components for each product. These data sheets are sensitive and are not to be accessed by anyone. We provided a layer of security to their website with an Account creation facility, allowing the team at ALIO to approve users. Once a user is approved, they are then able to download datasheets for their selected products through an exclusive file area on the ALIO Industries website.

Mobile Responsive Website - ALIO


ALIO’s new website launched at the start of April. Since then, it has been warmly recognised by their clients and potential clients as a huge step in the right direction for the brand and identity of ALIO Industries. We cannot wait to continue our working relationship with the team at ALIO and further support their brand with our services.

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