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Smarta Events

Industry focused events company

"Smarta Studio have built and maintain our sites daily for the past 18 months. Their brief was to build 3 event websites for our International events and the results were outstanding. Along with continual SEO work and constant updating our websites are page 1 ranked across many search pertaining to keywords in pharmaceutical and pharmacy searches. They are simply some of the best web builder, designers I have had the chance to work with and we continue to work closely with the team today."

Emma Colman
Director, Smarta Events


Smarta Events is a UK-based B2B Event organiser with a ground-breaking vision for business-to-business, business-to-customer event solutions. The company boasts a wealth of experience in the events sector with involvement in exhibitions & conference projects in industries such as pharmaceuticals, life sciences, healthcare and manufacturing.


We set about expressing the fact Smarta Events deliver their solutions all across the globe. The brand was aimed to be clean, with a simple colour pallete in order to build familiarity within the industry.


The aim of the website was to deliver a clean and corporate website which gets the message across to the user. A simple homepage, with an interactive slider to showcase the brand’s portfolio of events.


The website and brand have been a huge success. The brand now has a foundation to go from strength to strength with more and more events launching under the Smarta Events brand.

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