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Smarta Events – Portal

Centralised exhibitor management application


The Smarta Events Exhibitor Portal is a centralised web application purpose-built for Smarta Events. The portal allows exhibitors to log in and fill out necessary forms, view important information and contact the exhibitor specialist team once they have signed up to become an exhibitor at one of the events.

The portal provided Smarta Events with an organised and hassle-free solution to handle their exhibitor’s data. Saving weeks’ worth of time chasing customers on an individual basis by using the portal.


The design for the portal needed to be clean and user friendly, catering to a large array of people.

Promoting the brand for Smarta Events was a key focus, using colours, fonts and similar typography allows users to familiarise themselves with the portal.

User interface is organised so users can easily access key areas.

Different content is displayed to the user based on their role.

Shellscheme exhibitor.

Space only exhibitor.

Notification system

The portal has a built-in notification system which allows admins to notify users of any deadlines/updates regarding the event.

This was important as it allowed Smarta Events to notify their customers by one click, rather than sending separate emails which they had to do prior.

User feedback

At their most recent event, SAPHEX, The Pharmacy Show & GP Expo in South Africa. The team at Smarta Events handed out feedback forms to all exhibitors in their welcome package, within these there were specific forms for the portal.

Overall, the exhibitors who attended SAPHEX, The Pharmacy Show & GP Expo said that the portal was very useful and easy to use and allowed them to streamline their own preparation for the event. The feedback overall suggested that the portal was 9/10 for its effectiveness and allowed 9.5/10 users to provide the information required within the deadline set.


Overall, the Smarta Events Portal has revolutionised the way in which Smarta Events work leading up to their events. It has provided a great centralised system to work from and had a tremendous effect on their time taken to complete tasks prior to the events.

The portal is a system which they will continue to use for all of their global events.

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