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Smarta Events – Exhibitor Directory

All encompassing event platform


The Smarta Events Exhibitor Directory is a current ongoing project for SmartaStudio. The concept behind this platform is to provide Smarta Events with a centralised platform to update information regarding their exhibitors and sponsors at their event.

The directory is a web application-based product, where members of the marketing team at Smarta Events, will log in and easily upload a new exhibitor/sponsor to the database, for customers to see.

Benefits of this platform

Previously, Smarta Events was uploading each of their exhibitors to their individual event websites. This was time consuming for the team, and with their ever-growing events. It was vital that they can save as much time as possible to invest it elsewhere. The directory solved all of their problems.

The directory ensures that they will only have to upload an exhibitor once, it will provide the customer with a flawless and easy method of finding out information about their events and who is exhibiting at them.

Customer benefits

This also allows their customers (exhibitors and sponsors) to upload more in-depth information about their company. In return, this provides them with a much higher chance of having a worthwhile event. Images, videos and much larger text documents are now supported through the Exhibitor Directory. Whereas previously, exhibitors could only supply a short description of their company and a basic logo.

Additional revenue stream

This will also allow Smarta Events to further expand their revenue stream. Areas for advertisement will be sold to existing exhibitors/sponsors, allowing them to expose their brand on a much larger scale than before.

The directory is projected to receive thousands of visitor traffic in the weeks and months leading up to their big events. So, brand exposure for clients is important.

Projected finish date

The Exhibitor Directory is set to go live in the middle of June. We will update information further on this case study regarding results, imagery, screenshots, feedback and also provide a live link to the directory itself for you to see how it all works!