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Branding the face of South African pharmaceuticals


SAPHEX unites the forever-growing pharma manufacturing industry in South Africa and SADC under one roof across 2 days. Boasting over 2000 attendees with 100+ exhibitors, it is quickly establishing itself as the biggest and best pharma event in South Africa.


SAPHEX as an event pride themselves on uniting industries together. With its audience largely consisting of local market exhibitors, a large amount of international companies travels to South Africa each year to take part in this event. It has become synonymous with uniting all spheres of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The 3 characters linking arms within the logo symbolises the uniting of the industry in South Africa while keeping a corporate and professional image with the typeface used for the word SAPHEX.


The aim of the website to was focus largely on the selected areas in which visitors will navigate the website. We redefined the user’s journey across the interface, drawing them to the focal points of the website to increase overall conversion and registrations for the event. While still keeping the events look and overall branding at the forefront of the site with large colour blocks.

“Smarta Studio have built and maintain our sites daily for the past 18 months. Their brief was to build 3 event websites for our International events and the results were outstanding. Along with continual SEO work and constant updating our websites are page 1 ranked across many search pertaining to keywords in pharmaceutical and pharmacy searches. They are simply some of the best web builders, designers I have had the chance to work with and we continue to work closely with the team today.”

Scott Lloyd, CEO, FPS Events


The event has seen a rapid growth in its overall value within the market in recent years. With much larger corporate companies from across the globe using SAPHEX as their main foundation in exposing their products and services into Southern Africa.

From the redesign of the website, SAPHEX has seen a rapid growth in conversion rates, from 1000 visitors in 2019 to a projected 2000+ visitors in 2020.

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