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Brochure Design for B2b Event
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Event graphics and programme


SAPHEX, The Pharmacy Show & GP Expo unites all spheres of healthcare under one roof in South Africa. Each event links arms with the other, providing the ultimate platform for business to business exposure.


The main aim of the new programme design was to showcase the unity between all three events, making it clear how they all link together and provide benefits for each. While keeping each event separated in order to target content areas to the variety of visitors attending the event.

A clean and simple design, providing key information about the event conferences, exhibitors and speakers, along with promoting the event sponsors brands with their own advertisement. The programme was a symbol of the event’s success in 2019.

Event Banners & Graphics

Displayed throughout the event are hanging screens and fabric banners promoting different aspects of the event. These consisted of the following:

Conference Banners

Conference Agenda

Registration Desks

Training Rooms

These graphics were all displayed on a 6x4m scale, hanging above the conference areas and also as a backdrop on the stage.

SAPHEX Conference Theatre Backdrop
TPS LIVEICPA PSSA Conference Backdrops
GP First Training GP Expo Conference Backdrop


The event programme was a large success, providing 100% of the necessary information each visitor required while reading through the information.

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