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OxMet Technologies

Making your high-performance components and processes better


OxMet Technologies builds on decades of research and experience with alloys and alloy processes at Oxford University and other world-leading research centres. Its mission is to design better alloys, speed alloy adoption, and improve alloy component manufacturing.

OxMet Technologies was founded in 2017 by researchers at Oxford University, drawing on technology and software developed over two decades. The company’s mission is to develop, license, and manufacture proprietary alloys, alloy powders, and alloy components for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and biomedical markets.


The OxMet Technologies website needed to convey its relationship with its parent-brand, Alloyed. While promoting the uses and services of its product, Alloys by Design. OxMet Technologies is used as a landing area, where people will be directed to certain sections within the Alloys by Design website to enquire about their services.

“I worked with Smarta Studio on a recent project originating new corporate websites and reconditioning existing ones coincident upon the merger of various brands into one. This was a complex undertaking requiring agility, attention to detail, responsiveness, adaptability, and also a high level of creativity. I am pleased to say that Smarta Studio excelled on all these requirements, and delivered a best-in-class service and exceptional web-sites. It was a pleasure working with them, and I would thoroughly recommend them for any website design projects you may be considering.”

Chris Young, Managing Director, Elite MCI


Since its release, OxMet Technologies have received huge amounts of positive feedback surrounding its new and modern approach to showcasing their services. The website has evolved into a clean and simplistic look, which allows users to absorb information in a much more effective way than once before.

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