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Nursing Practice

Transforming nursing in South Africa


Nursing Practice is a new event starting in 2020. It is joining the event series ran by Smarta Events in Johannesburg and will be one of the most anticipated events for nursing professionals across all of South Africa & SADC.


Nursing in South Africa is one of the most thriving and concentrated markets in the healthcare sector. However, the events industry has had a history of overlooking nurses when it comes to launching a product in that market. Smarta Events decided to do this. The logo represents the industry being united in one location, also as the event is attracting businesses from all across the world, the spherical globe type shape complemented the events approach really well.

The event has gathered huge anticipation since its launch to the market. Lots of professionals saying the medical sphere is being united at this huge event and suggesting it will be the biggest thing to happen for the industry in South Africa each year.

Colours represent Nurses uniforms in South Africa


As the event has launched alongside SAPHEX, The Pharmacy Show & GP Expo, and how successful the other 3 websites have been so far, we met with the team at Smarta Events and decided to approach the website of things in a similar way to the other three shows. Nursing Practice adopts the same template structure; however small design changes and image changes allow the event to build its own familiarity with the industry.

Focal areas, sleek call to actions, statistics and quotes throughout and constantly pushing users to the points of enquiry is what the site is based around. The event has a solid foundation to take over the industry and have a fantastic first year.


Since launching in March, Nursing Practice has attracted over 300 registrations already despite the event taking place at the end of the year. Along with the additional marketing, supplied by SmartaStudio and the touting from partners and exhibitors, the event is set to break the records of GP Expo last year in terms of its numbers and visitor count.

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“Smarta Studio has built and maintained our sites daily for the past 18 months. Their brief was to build 3 event websites for our International events and the results were outstanding. Along with continual SEO work and constant updating our websites are page 1 ranked across many search pertaining to keywords in pharmaceutical and pharmacy searches. They are simply some of the best web builders, designers I have had the chance to work with and we continue to work closely with the team today.”

Scott Lloyd, CEO, FPS Events

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