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Mercian Ltd - Website Design Case Study
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Mercian Ltd

The largest supplier of crisping potatoes to the UK

Mercian Ltd makes farming simple. With their ground-breaking technology, LiveTrace, Mercian Ltd help to run the most efficient potato farms by working with farmers to identify issues, recommend solutions and streamline operations. Historical data and field apps and years of data to begin the process of digitalisation.

Since 2005, Mercian Ltd has expanded its business and is now recognised as the largest single supplier of crisping potatoes to the UK’s industry.

Mercian Ltd - Mobile Responsive Website


Mercian Ltd approached SmartaStudio with a vision of creating a bespoke website that not only promoted its brand and power within the industry but represented its ethos and vision. They wanted a website that was clean, modern and would allow them to showcase their services in a professional manner.

Mercian Ltd. is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of crisping potatoes to the farming industry with over 15 years of experience in the market. As Mercian Ltd is evolving into a more sustainable future, their new online presence was in need of being developed to represent this in the right way.

Sustainabiity for Mercian Ltd


To understand why they are such a big player in the farming industry, we immersed ourselves in the world of Mercian Ltd and gained an understanding of who they work with, why they are so successful and how they work as a company.

The team had a passionate belief that they were doing something great and delivered a website that was tailored to the client’s individual needs. It ticked all of the client’s boxes and ensured that they were satisfied with their new website.


We used a bespoke design that encapsulated the professionalism and ethos behind Mercian Ltd. With the use of the brand’s colours, high-quality imagery and screenshots from their software… we delivered a special website that will not only showcase the brand but win new partners as well.

Visit the website here

Mobile friendly

We created a smooth and fast mobile-first site giving Users a better overall experience. This is extremely beneficial for optimising SEO as Google has indicated that site speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.

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