Let’s Face It! Beauty Box

Be Fearless and Flawless

Let’s Face It! Beauty Box is a start-up UK-based E-commerce website selling the latest beauty products to the UK and Europe.

Let’s Face It! Beauty Box specialises in the putting together of boxes that are packed full of exciting products for their customers to buy either as a one-off purchase or a subscription basis.

Let’s Face It! have two levels of beauty boxes that come in and different prices and contain different types of beauty and cosmetic products.


The challenge was to deliver an E-commerce website that provides a unique and standout user experience to their customers and displays their lavish attitude to the beauty world.

Let’s Face It! required an easy-to-use platform that allowed users to not only order their boxes as efficiently as possible but tailor the way they pay for the boxes to their personal requirements.

Alongside this, customers required a login area where they can manage their subscription(s) in a simple way to alleviate the workload for the customer service team.

Key specifications for the website:

Luxe Box Design



Let’s Face It! Beauty Box collaborated closely with the team at SmartaStudio to deliver a unique E-commerce website which has the longevity to support this businesses growth for the next 10-15 years.

SmartaStudio used Shopify as the CMS for this project and delivered a unique design to the client which rivalled competitors in the space. With the correct add-ons and applications, SmartaStudio crafted the front, and back-end, of the new website so it made it easy for not just Let’s Face It! but their customers and users as well.

Let's Face It! Homepage Design
Let's Face It! How It Works Page Design
Let's Face It! Our Boxes Page Design
Let's Face It! Product Page Design

The website design offers a unique look onto the excellent products available and is of course, mobile-friendly, and optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance, and Conversions.

SmartaStudio will be providing Let’s Face It! with SEO and PPC management over the course of their growth journey.

Let's Face It! Collections Page Design

The back end of the website provides users with a functional way of managing their beauty box subscription with a fully integrated application built into Shopify to make this process seamless.

Let's Face It! Customer Portal


The results from Let’s Face It! Beauty Box’s new website was delivered to the client and ticked all boxes required for their new online presence.

Let’s Face It! now has a unified brand and website design to visualise the meaning behind the ‘Fearless and Flawless’ benefits which their brand can have on an individual interested in beauty products.

SmartaStudio will be providing ongoing support with SEO and PPC management, we aim to support Let’s Face It! with their future endeavours and growth journey.

With ambitions to scale their business fast, our work enables Let’s Face It! to expand while retaining brand consistency and user comfortability on their stunning website design. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity and challenge to complete this work and cannot wait to see what Let’s Face It! tackles next.

Visit the website here

Let’s Face It! Beauty Box commissioned SmartaStudio to design and develop a new website and platform for our E-Commerce beauty and cosmetic subscription box brand. With close collaboration and transparency throughout the process, SmartaStudio delivered a user experience that totally blew me away! Their flexibility was paramount throughout the project and SmartaStudio even responded to emails over the weekend to help deliver the project in a fast and efficient manner.

With their expertise in website design, user interface/experience and ongoing SEO and PPC management, we are happy to say that SmartaStudio has excelled in all departments, and we look forward to working with them in the future on this exciting project.

Shelley Watson, Entrepreneur and Founder, Let’s Face It! Beauty Box

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