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Crewe Creative Hub - Case Study
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Crewe Creative Hub

Uniting the creative people of South Cheshire

Crewe Creative Hub is a brand new initiative aiming to unite all creative people from around South Cheshire on a unique platform aiming to increase collaboration and build stronger relationships with fellow creators.

Crewe is a town that is full of creatives. The lack of creativity in Crewe is not due to the lack of creativity, but instead due to the lack of support for these people.

Crewe Creative Hub aims to help those people, not just in Crewe, but across South Cheshire thrive.


The challenge was to deliver a brand which depicted the passion and goals that Crewe Creative Hub has for its audience. The brand also had to attract creatives from all walks of life to resonate with the organisation and help achieve their goal of uniting creatives across South Cheshire.

Crewe Creative Hub required a brand which showcased their inclusive attitude to what being creative is. From a passionate artist who does it as a hobby, all the way through to a best-selling author.

Alongside the branding, Crewe Creative Hub required a landing page which showcased not only the brand, but their ethos, and ways in which they are supporting the community through their events and collaborative directory.

On the landing page, Crewe Creative Hub required a simple step-by-step process in which their audience can register their interest in becoming apart of the group.


Crewe Creative Hub collaborated closely with the team at SmartaStudio on forging a message for their brand and showcasing their inclusive way of thinking.

With the local community in mind, SmartaStudio delivered a brand to the client which showcased the passion for the local community in taking inspiration from the branding done for Crewe by Hemingway Design.

With authorisation from the local council, the brand for Crewe Creative Hub was born.

Street sign branding - Crewe Creative Hub

A splash of colour and an abstract feel to relate to creative people, the branding for Crewe Creative Hub was not only clean and professional but also inclusive to all creative people from around South Cheshire.

The landing page for Crewe Creative Hub took a similar approach, with splashes of the branding all over the design to keep continuity and brand identity ingrained in the audience’s mind.

The landing page was built in WordPress CMS, and has a back-end portal for the client to manage form entries, upload and manage community events and alter content on the page if required.


Since the launch, Crewe Creative Hub has gained huge support from local creatives and the community in general. With plans to extend the project further, the brand has successfully gathered momentum and soon going to become a recognised name in South Cheshire.

SmartaStudio will aim to provide support to Crewe Creative Hub along their journey with extra marketing collateral and website updates.

Visit the landing page

Future plans

In the future, Crewe Creative Hub will expand their website and build a dedicated website to showcase their creatives which will allow them to collaborate with peers and start to truly unite creative people in South Cheshire.

SmartaStudio will be leading the design and development of the platform, that will hopefully be launching in the coming months.

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