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Additive Manufacturing Trade Association

A voice for the additive manufacturing industry


The Additive Manufacturing Trade Association (AMTA) acts as the voice of the global additive manufacturing industry. Whilst representing all stakeholders across the industry value and supply chain. As a newly launched trade association, the AMTA needed a knowledgeable design agency to help forge its branding and online presence.

The team at the AMTA approached SmartaStudio with their vision of fulfilling a void in the AM industry in the UK. Which resulted in them hiring our expertise to complete branding, website design, platform development and digital marketing services such as SEO and campaign design.

AMTA - Additive Manufacturing Trade Association Branding
3D Printing branding

Filling the gaps

With a gap in the industry for a trusted body to fulfil, the team at the AMTA had set their stool and decided to become a ‘voice’ for the AM industry. SmartaStudio set about defining the unique style and flavour. This would provide not only the AMTA with a unique and long-lasting brand identity. But the additive manufacturing industry with a trusted body and reference point.

AMTA - iPhone UI Mockup

The way we defined the brand was ‘trusting and positivity’. With blue, this denotes the trust people can place on the AMTA for their ventures in the additive manufacturing industry. Yellow also denotes the warmth and positivity which the AMTA aims to provide across the industry. The highlights of turquoise across the branding also help to denote the brand’s central focus on communication. With streams of education, media, and their product, the “Buyers Guide” being the focus of the AMTA.

AMTA Brand Identity
AMTA Brand Tagline

Website design

With the main website still being in development, the AMTA needed a landing page designed which can help them build an audience for their brand.

The page we designed has a very visual design, representing the branding in the way we created it. The landing page has also been optimised fully for conversion rate in mind.

The initial goal of the website is to gather an audience and community for future promotions from the AMTA.

AMTA - Mockup


With the new brand and product out in the wild, we look forward to seeing it progress whilst we work with the team at the AMTA to design and build their main platform and buyers guide portal. We aim to support their growth in the future and help the brand, and industry in as many ways as we can.

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