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Accumold Micro 3D Printing

Harness the power of micro additive manufacturing

Accumold has been pioneering the art and science of micro moulding since 1985 and is acknowledged as the world leader in manufacturing extraordinarily small plastic parts with micro features from 5 cm to less than 1 mm, at micron-level precision.

The company’s expertise and development of innovative micro technologies places them as the best-in-class supplier of miniature plastic parts, usually at high volumes.

The technology they use is highly advanced and therefore requires an online identity and presence to follow and represent their brand and technology in the right away, and appeal to the right audience.

Micro Additive Manufacturing (AM) is allowing manufacturers to disrupt the way that a product is designed, developed, and manufactured, key among the possibilities being the opportunity to take advantage of the way in which AM allows for the design and production of extremely complex geometries at no additional cost.

Responsive Website for Accumold

“Accumold used SmartaStudio to design a website that supported a new capability offered by our company. We required a website that looked contemporary and which reflected the ground-breaking nature of the technology and capability described. We also needed the site to be engaging and accessible, and designed with SEO in mind. We are delighted with the work undertaken by SmartaStudio, and with the speedy turnaround from concept to go-live.”

Aaron Johnson, VP of Marketing & Customer Strategy, Accumold
Responsive Website for Accumold

Through the use of micro-AM, manufacturers can also optimize workflow, the technology producing less scrap and fewer tools than conventional manufacturing processes. It also promotes the reduction of iterative process, assembly, and inventory. This means that significant operational cost benefits are now attainable at the micro-manufacturing level.

The Fabrica 2.0 micro AM technology achieves true single micron resolution mass-produced parts across numerous sectors as a result of a range of hardware, software, and material innovations which means the technology can be applied to even the most exacting micro-manufacturing applications across industry.

Website design

SmartaStudio was tasked with the responsibility of providing Accumold with a unique website design that encapsulates the existing beliefs of Accumold within their established brand, whilst providing an emphasis on their market-leading technology.

Strong use of imagery and well-crafted design was required to do this, whilst ensuring the website was user friendly, providing an optimised experience for users and of course usable across all platforms and devices.

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Accumold - iMac Mockup

Mobile friendly

We created a smooth and fast mobile-first site giving Users a better overall experience. This is extremely beneficial for optimising SEO as Google has indicated that site speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.


Working closely with Accumold and their marketing consultant we crafted the brand new Accumold Micro 3D Printing website in under 6 weeks and look forward to supporting them on future projects and plans in the future.

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