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SmartaStudio’s Support for The Genie’s Wish


At SmartaStudio, we believe in the power of wishes and the magic of granting them! That’s why we’re thrilled to share our ongoing partnership with The Genie’s Wish, a charity close to our hearts. This amazing UK registered charity is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people from Birth to 40 years of age in England and Wales who are battling critical or terminal illnesses or living with life-limiting medical conditions. The Genie’s Wish brings joy and respite to these individuals and their families through life-changing wishes, experiences, and opportunities. 

Every month, we donate a percentage of our profits to support The Genie’s Wish. It’s more than just a donation for us; it’s about creating moments of happiness and relief for those who need it most. The stories we’ve heard from The Genie’s Wish have been nothing short of inspirational, showcasing the incredible impact of their work on the lives of their beneficiaries. 

One of the most touching aspects of The Genie’s Wish is their dedication to young carers, aged 5 – 18. These young heroes selflessly care for family members, often sacrificing their own childhoods in the process. The Genie’s Wish provides these young carers with unique experiences and bespoke events, recognising their bravery, kindness, and daily acts of love. 

We’re honoured to play a small part in this extraordinary mission. SmartaStudio is motivated by the joy and hope that The Genie’s Wish brings to so many. We look forward to continuing our support and watching as more wishes come true, more smiles are shared, and more lives are brightened by the magic of kindness. 

Join us in supporting The Genie’s Wish. Together, we can help create moments of joy and unforgettable memories for those who need them the most. After all, everyone deserves a little magic in their lives.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working and building a relationship with Ryan and Smarta Studio, he mirrors our philosophy about helping terminally and seriously ill people from Birth to 40 years of age, as well as young carers from 5 to 18 year olds with a treasured wish, days out and experiences, we cannot thank you enough Ryan for supporting The Genie’s Wish Charity in its endeavours to help grant as many wishes as possible”

Martin Neal, Co-Founder of The Genie’s Wish Charity

About The Genie’s Wish Charity

The Genie’s Wish was an idea formed by two individuals who wanted to use their experience, drive, and passion to create a unique charity that sprinkles a little bit of magic into the lives of those who need it most. 

The charity prides itself on being beneficiary and donor-led, focusing on providing specialised experiences, equipment, and special events to individuals up to the age of 40 who are living with a critical or terminal illness.

By opening up the barriers to offering wish opportunities to a wider age group and to young carers, The Genie’s Wish occupies a unique spot in the charity sector. 

The organisation provides a unique, fun, and personal service while creating long-lasting relationships with both the donor and the beneficiary. The Genie’s Wish aims to bring people joy and unify them because they believe that is the most important result overall. The wish is just the beginning of someone’s journey. 

The charity strives to offer future opportunities and experiences to make everyone feel part of the Genie’s Wish family. Anyone can make a wish, but only a Genie can grant one. Sprinkle your magic and support them today. Become someone’s Genie and make a real difference in their life.

Visit the website to find out more