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SmartaStudio joins Donatable
Home Insights SmartaStudio are officially a Donatable Member

SmartaStudio are officially a Donatable Member


SmartaStudio is proud to be playing our part in making a real impact in our community by becoming an official member of Donatable…

Donatable is a social enterprise that has been set up to support local businesses, develop a thriving, active community and enrich charities & community causes. By joining Donatable we provide you with a packaged programme of promotional services via our social media channels, strategic marketing, and community initiatives. Visit the website

The importance of our local community

SmartaStudio is a company that offers marketing and design services to businesses across the world, however, they are based in the Cheshire East area.

We believe that it is important for businesses to be active members of their local community. This is because it helps them to understand their customers and what they need better. It also helps them to develop new ideas for products and services.

We have a strong passion for our local community and aim to dedicate a percentage of our time to improving the online presence of businesses and charities from Cheshire East. Joining Donatable allows us to showcase our passion on a wider scale through their digital marketing efforts.

We have some exciting projects lined up with Donatable and can’t wait to share more over the coming months.