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USA website development


Ignite Dating is looking to expand its presence to the United States with a standalone website focusing on the New York market. This proposal outlines the steps and processes required to develop a US-specific website for Ignite Dating, ensuring it effectively targets the American audience while maintaining the brand’s core values, appeal and style.

Project Scope

  • Duplication of the Existing Ignite Dating Website:
    • Create a duplicate of the current Ignite Dating website to serve as the foundation for the US site.
  • Removal of UK-Related Content:
    • Identify and remove all UK-specific content, ensuring the site does not reflect any UK-centric information.
  • Overwriting Images and Content to be US-Based:
    • Replace images and text to reflect US culture and preferences, with a primary focus on New York.
    • Adjust the tone and language to resonate with the US audience.
  • New SEO Optimisation:
    • Implement SEO strategies tailored to the US market, focusing on keywords relevant to New York and other target locations.
    • Ensure on-page and off-page SEO elements align with US search engine algorithms.
  • Removal of the Blog:
    • Remove the blog section to avoid content duplication and to ensure the site remains focused on US-specific content.
  • Reintegration of Forms and Automations for the US Market:
    • Customise and reintegrate all forms and automation processes to cater to the US audience.
    • Ensure smooth functionality and user experience for lead generation and customer interactions.
  • Creation of New Landing Pages for Locations:
    • Develop dedicated landing pages for key locations within the US, starting with New York.
    • Optimise these pages for local SEO to attract targeted traffic from specific areas.

Timeline (2-3 weeks)

Week 1

Duplication of the existing website.

Removal of UK-specific content.

Initial SEO analysis and planning.

Week 2

Overwriting images and content with US-based material.

Removal of the blog section.

Reintegration of forms and automations.

Ongoing SEO optimisation.

Week 3

Creation and optimization of new landing pages.

Final SEO adjustments.

Testing and quality assurance.


The total cost for the development of the Ignite Dating USA website is £850 + VAT.


  • A fully functional, US-specific Ignite Dating website.
  • US-targeted images and content.
  • Optimised SEO for the US market.
  • Custom forms and automations for lead generation.
  • New landing pages for US locations.

To conclude

By creating a dedicated website for the US market, Ignite Dating will be able to effectively target and engage with the American audience, starting with New York. This tailored approach will ensure the brand maintains its high standards while appealing to the preferences of US customers.

We look forward to collaborating with Ignite Dating again to bring this exciting expansion to fruition.

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