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Founded in 2001, ALIO Industries is driven by a peerless team of exceptional engineers that have an obsessive focus on nanometer-level motion control, customer success, and pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as possible, based in the United States.

Today, ALIO offers a high-end boutique-like service, with a strong emphasis on responsiveness to our customers. As a company we have always been focussed on nanometer-level precision, and as such we have a reputation, a knowledge base, and a level of stability that cannot be matched when ultra-precise and reliable motion control is demanded.

Custom Designed Icons for ALIO Industries


SmartaStudio has been performing monthly SEO for ALIO Industries since August 2020, following 6 successful months of SEO, with an overall traffic increase of 110% and more conversions than ever before, they began to believe in the SmartaStudio way of working. We have built a solid relationship with ALIO, which resulted in them approaching us with the vision of reinventing their website to evolve the business.


ALIO’s previous website was holding them back to achieve their true potential. A dated and old-fashioned website that didn’t provide users with an experience that represents the professionalism and quality of ALIO’s products and services.


ALIO’s new website was required to be secure. With the previous website having some historic issues with cyber-attacks we firstly ensured their new website would be practically untouchable.

Secondly, we needed to provide a structure and design which represented ALIO in the way it deserves. ALIO’s tagline is Passion in Motion, we needed to portray that passion in the website.

Home page
Products page


We firstly set out with the objective of turning all the wrongs of the pre-existing website into rights. A severe lack of call-to-actions, and huge blocks of text with a lack of graphics and imagery really held the website back. Our new design provides users with a clear well-designed approach to access the wealth of information on their products.

A newly structured ‘Products & Solutions’ section which allowed users to access the correct information on the right products really easily was achieved.

Each of ALIO’s products is unique, we designed an icon set based on the product in order to further identify the product instead of just a name.

Each of the products also has its own specific data sheets, which include statistics and components for each product. These data sheets are sensitive and are not to be accessed by anyone. We provided a layer of security to their website with an Account creation facility, allowing the team at ALIO to approve users. Once a user is approved, they are then able to download datasheets for their selected products through an exclusive file area on the ALIO Industries website.

Mobile Responsive Website - ALIO


ALIO’s new website launched at the start of April. Since then, it has been warmly recognised by their clients and potential clients as a huge step in the right direction for the brand and identity of ALIO Industries. We cannot wait to continue our working relationship with the team at ALIO and further support their brand with our services.

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Established in 2008, the Knutsford Hearing Centre provides a full service for anyone concerned about hearing loss. At our centre, we conduct complete hearing tests and assessments and provide impartial advice on hearing solutions.


Knutsford Hearing Centre approached SmartaStudio with the idea of modernising their website to give an already reputable brand in the local area, a fresh new look to keep their customers interested. The previous website was dated and was in major need of a complete refresh from top to bottom.

A custom-built, bespoke and responsive web design was the answer, allowing Knutsford Hearing Centre to stay unique within the industry and build on their strong reputation in the future.

Continual Support

We will continue to help the team at Knutsford Hearing Centre by providing our SEO packages to help drive traffic to the website. They have taken a new stance on the way they approach business with their online presence being number 1. This means optimising the website to rank as highly on Google Search Engines as possible to increase website traffic, and ultimately increase conversions.


Since launching the website, all of Knutsford Hearing Centre’s customers have expressed how great the new website is and how it is such a big step up from the last website as well. We are proud to have helped Knutsford Hearing Centre improve their online presence through our bespoke web design services.

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Netlinx Cabling is a home network, cable and Wi-Fi installation service offering high-quality network cabling and Wi-Fi solutions. Their aim is to offer network cabling solutions to your home or commercial property.


NetLinx approached SmartaStudio with the idea of modernising their website to give themselves a very strong foundation that would ultimately convert more leads through their website. A custom-built, bespoke and responsive web design was the answer, allowing NetLinx to stay unique within the industry and build on their strong reputation in the future.

We selected a range of 4 icons to be used that summarise their services, Connect, Expand, Optimise, and Secure. Users can then read more into each service and view the exact solutions NetLinx provides as a business. The website offers a clean and simple approach to display what NetLinx do, and it has been really effective since its launch.

Icons to summarise the offering


Since launching the website, all of NetLinx customers have expressed how intuitive the website is and how stunning it is as well. We are proud to have helped NetLinx improve their online presence through our bespoke web design services.

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“We have been really pleased with SmartaStudio’s vision and understanding of our business and was able to convey that in a modern and fresh way, overall we’re absolutely delighted with the resulting website, cost, communication, and professional service we have received.”

Chris Roberts, NetLinx Cabling


OxMet Technologies builds on decades of research and experience with alloys and alloy processes at Oxford University and other world-leading research centres. Its mission is to design better alloys, speed alloy adoption, and improve alloy component manufacturing.

OxMet Technologies was founded in 2017 by researchers at Oxford University, drawing on technology and software developed over two decades. The company’s mission is to develop, license, and manufacture proprietary alloys, alloy powders, and alloy components for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and biomedical markets.


The OxMet Technologies website needed to convey its relationship with its parent-brand, Alloyed. While promoting the uses and services of its product, Alloys by Design. OxMet Technologies is used as a landing area, where people will be directed to certain sections within the Alloys by Design website to enquire about their services.

“I worked with Smarta Studio on a recent project originating new corporate websites and reconditioning existing ones coincident upon the merger of various brands into one. This was a complex undertaking requiring agility, attention to detail, responsiveness, adaptability, and also a high level of creativity. I am pleased to say that Smarta Studio excelled on all these requirements, and delivered a best-in-class service and exceptional web-sites. It was a pleasure working with them, and I would thoroughly recommend them for any website design projects you may be considering.”

Chris Young, Managing Director, Elite MCI


Since its release, OxMet Technologies have received huge amounts of positive feedback surrounding its new and modern approach to showcasing their services. The website has evolved into a clean and simplistic look, which allows users to absorb information in a much more effective way than once before.

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Taplin & Mageean was founded back in 2018 by Chris Taplin and Barry Mageean. Barry Mageean is one of the youngest and most talented distillers in the country, and after some time working as head distiller at the Yorkshire gin company Masons, he left to join Taplin & Mageean with the sole aim of producing a series of world-class ultra-premium gins.


The thought process behind the new website, was to provide users with a seamless experience, where a single scrolling parallax website is implemented. This provides users with a simple step by step website, split into sections in order to absorb all the relevant information, without the need of navigating through menus.

The purpose of the website was to present the company and its product, Taplin & Mageean, while telling a story to the customer on how and why T&M was created.

The shop is hosted within a different address, built using Shopify, the official T&M shop provides users with an easy to use and secure shop to purchase products.

“The brief was to develop a website that explained the provenance of my craft Gin business, and to tie it into the location of the distillery in the Yorkshire Dales. I was able to provide a back of a napkin idea of what I had in mind, but the results from Smarta Studio were absolutely fantastic, and fulfilled the brief and some. It is extremely important in the highly competitive world of craft gin production to have an outward profile that conveys the real essence of what you do, and to show why your product stands out from the crowd. Smarta Studio have achieved this for us, and are an exceptional organisation.”

Chris Taplin, Owner, Taplin & Mageean Spirit Company


Since the launch of the new website, Taplin & Mageean have received an increase of orders through their shop, while visitors to the site have been widely impressed with the information they received. All visitors arrived with questions and left with the answers they desired.

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Plastech Solutions provide a one-stop-shop for companies throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland which are in the Packaging, Medical, Caps & Closures, Technical, Automotive and PET market sectors, we supply cost-effective equipment and services which are designed to help you make and save money.

“I can’t thank you and the team enough for the level of support you have provided following the launch of our new website. The small tweaks we requested after going live were implemented immediately and accurately. Throughout the development phase, we were consulted at every step and this gave us high-level confidence that our new website would be just what we wanted. We will certainly use you again and recommend your business to others.”

Nigel Baker, Managing Director, Plastech Solutions Limited


The Plastech Solutions website redesign was aimed to completely modernise the brand in order to compete with its competitors in the market. A modern design, exposing the brands identity, and allowing users to discover its services and products easily. This was achieved, and the conversion rate of the website increased as a result.

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