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Saddleworth Safety & Training is a training company with over 20 years’ experience in delivering various aspects of first aid to a wide range of individuals and businesses across the UK.

Business Cards

Saddleworth Safety & Training is a new startup business in the health and safety training industry. We created distinct business cards for their team to hand out to all new clients and potentials.

The cards promoted their brand, courses they provide training for and their logo in a modern and innovative way.


Saddleworth Safety & Training approached SmartaStudio with the idea of creating a modern website to give themselves a very strong foundation that would ultimately convert more leads through their website. A custom-built, bespoke and responsive web design was the answer, allowing Saddleworth to stay unique within the industry and build on their strong reputation for the future.

A flexible website that will allow Saddleworth to update it with new open courses, and new courses they provide to their audience.


The website has given Saddleworth Safety & Training the perfect platform to grow their business in the future. The team is ready to go and use their website to market their professional services to everyone they can with our help in marketing and SEO services.

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“I have recently had the pleasure of working alongside SmartaStudio whilst a website was being designed for my new business.

I was extremely impressed with the overall level of service that I received. I had very limited knowledge about this type of work prior to this experience so was worried about how I was going to feel during the process. I was kept completely involved throughout and had everything explained to me in an effortless and efficient manner. The whole process from start to finish was undertaken in an extremely professional manner, with nothing being too much trouble. Thank you.”

Joanne Walker, Director, Saddleworth Training


Jonathon Lea Coaching is an online body transformation and personal training coach. Jonathon has dedicated 10 years of his life to sport, health and fitness working with a wide variety of clients getting them to achieve life-changing, sustainable results.

“Everything from design, development, SEO, and website hosting, SmartaStudio has been able to sort for me and it has been done quickly, easily, and extremely efficient. With minimal input from myself, besides a basic look I was after, they ran away with it and came back with an absolutely stunning website. It is absolutely everything I needed in my brand to tie everything together.

I would definitely recommend SmartaStudio if you are thinking about creating more of an online presence. They have great knowledge on how to make your website look absolutely amazing, slick and professional. They have done a wonderful job and all for a great price.”

Jonathan Lea, Jonathan Lea Coaching


Jonathon Lea Coaching approached SmartaStudio with the desire to take their online personal training to the next level. They had already built a strong audience through social media channels and wanted to show progression and growth with a revolutionary website, never seen before in the industry.

The websites purpose was to be scalable, and give visitors relevant and powerful information that they could apply in their lives. This would ultimately lead to them enquiring about Jonathon’s coaching. The website is going to expanded in the future, with a members site being added in, including a forum, video blog page and exclusive information.


Since launching the website, Jonathon Lea Coaching has had an influx in clients, the website has been a welcomed change by his existing online audience and has ultimately transformed his coaching business for the better.

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Nursing Practice is a new event starting in 2020. It is joining the event series ran by Smarta Events in Johannesburg and will be one of the most anticipated events for nursing professionals across all of South Africa & SADC.


Nursing in South Africa is one of the most thriving and concentrated markets in the healthcare sector. However, the events industry has had a history of overlooking nurses when it comes to launching a product in that market. Smarta Events decided to do this. The logo represents the industry being united in one location, also as the event is attracting businesses from all across the world, the spherical globe type shape complemented the events approach really well.

The event has gathered huge anticipation since its launch to the market. Lots of professionals saying the medical sphere is being united at this huge event and suggesting it will be the biggest thing to happen for the industry in South Africa each year.

Colours represent Nurses’ uniforms in South Africa


As the event has launched alongside SAPHEX, The Pharmacy Show & GP Expo, and how successful the other 3 websites have been so far, we met with the team at Smarta Events and decided to approach the website of things in a similar way to the other three shows. Nursing Practice adopts the same template structure; however small design changes and image changes allow the event to build its own familiarity with the industry.

Focal areas, sleek call to actions, statistics and quotes throughout and constantly pushing users to the points of enquiry is what the site is based around. The event has a solid foundation to take over the industry and have a fantastic first year.


Since launching in March, Nursing Practice has attracted over 300 registrations already despite the event taking place at the end of the year. Along with the additional marketing, supplied by SmartaStudio and the touting from partners and exhibitors, the event is set to break the records of GP Expo last year in terms of its numbers and visitor count.

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“Smarta Studio has built and maintained our sites daily for the past 18 months. Their brief was to build 3 event websites for our International events and the results were outstanding. Along with continual SEO work and constant updating our websites are page 1 ranked across many search pertaining to keywords in pharmaceutical and pharmacy searches. They are simply some of the best web builders, designers I have had the chance to work with and we continue to work closely with the team today.”

Scott Lloyd, CEO, FPS Events


Barrow Landscaping have been designing and constructing stunning gardens in Barrow-in-Furness and Manchester for over 5 years. We were approached to recreate their brand and build an entirely new website for their business.

Barrow Landscaping wanted to stand out from the crowd in the landscaping industry. A clean and modern feeling website was required.


The brand for Barrow Landscaping needed to focus on the company’s origin, its modern approach to landscaping and display their array of services. The logo portrays all of these elements perfectly.

A wheelbarrow displays the brand’s origin of being based in Barrow-in-Furness. The modern serif font portrays the brand’s modern approach. And the elements within and around the wheelbarrow show off their range of services.


The website needed to follow the same look and feel as the logo. A clean website, using sharp and eye-catching imagery with limited amounts of content was a perfect fit to the ideas the client had.

The user is constantly drawn towards their services. Each service page has in-depth content regarding their capabilities and skillset within that specific area of landscape gardening.


The website and brand have attracted many new clients to Barrow Landscaping. All of which suggest the reface of the company was the best thing to do.

Along with Google Positions work from our partner, Web Placements, Barrow Landscaping now has the perfect foundation and support to grow and take over the market in Lancashire.

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The Smarta Events Exhibitor Directory is a current ongoing project for SmartaStudio. The concept behind this platform is to provide Smarta Events with a centralised platform to update information regarding their exhibitors and sponsors at their event.

The directory is a web application-based product, where members of the marketing team at Smarta Events, will log in and easily upload a new exhibitor/sponsor to the database, for customers to see.

Benefits of this platform

Previously, Smarta Events was uploading each of their exhibitors to their individual event websites. This was time consuming for the team, and with their ever-growing events. It was vital that they can save as much time as possible to invest it elsewhere. The directory solved all of their problems.

The directory ensures that they will only have to upload an exhibitor once, it will provide the customer with a flawless and easy method of finding out information about their events and who is exhibiting at them.

Customer benefits

This also allows their customers (exhibitors and sponsors) to upload more in-depth information about their company. In return, this provides them with a much higher chance of having a worthwhile event. Images, videos and much larger text documents are now supported through the Exhibitor Directory. Whereas previously, exhibitors could only supply a short description of their company and a basic logo.

Additional revenue stream

This will also allow Smarta Events to further expand their revenue stream. Areas for advertisement will be sold to existing exhibitors/sponsors, allowing them to expose their brand on a much larger scale than before.

The directory is projected to receive thousands of visitor traffic in the weeks and months leading up to their big events. So, brand exposure for clients is important.

Projected finish date

The Exhibitor Directory is set to go live in the middle of June. We will update information further on this case study regarding results, imagery, screenshots, feedback and also provide a live link to the directory itself for you to see how it all works!


The Smarta Events Exhibitor Portal is a centralised web application purpose-built for Smarta Events. The portal allows exhibitors to log in and fill out necessary forms, view important information and contact the exhibitor specialist team once they have signed up to become an exhibitor at one of the events.

The portal provided Smarta Events with an organised and hassle-free solution to handle their exhibitor’s data. Saving weeks’ worth of time chasing customers on an individual basis by using the portal.


The design for the portal needed to be clean and user friendly, catering to a large array of people.

Promoting the brand for Smarta Events was a key focus, using colours, fonts and similar typography allows users to familiarise themselves with the portal.

User interface is organised so users can easily access key areas.

Different content is displayed to the user based on their role.

Shellscheme exhibitor.

Space only exhibitor.

Notification system

The portal has a built-in notification system which allows admins to notify users of any deadlines/updates regarding the event.

This was important as it allowed Smarta Events to notify their customers by one click, rather than sending separate emails which they had to do prior.

User feedback

At their most recent event, SAPHEX, The Pharmacy Show & GP Expo in South Africa. The team at Smarta Events handed out feedback forms to all exhibitors in their welcome package, within these there were specific forms for the portal.

Overall, the exhibitors who attended SAPHEX, The Pharmacy Show & GP Expo said that the portal was very useful and easy to use and allowed them to streamline their own preparation for the event. The feedback overall suggested that the portal was 9/10 for its effectiveness and allowed 9.5/10 users to provide the information required within the deadline set.


Overall, the Smarta Events Portal has revolutionised the way in which Smarta Events work leading up to their events. It has provided a great centralised system to work from and had a tremendous effect on their time taken to complete tasks prior to the events.

The portal is a system which they will continue to use for all of their global events.


Alloyed deliver next-generation performance for metal components through our unique stack of technologies. Within Alloyed, there are 3 sub-brands which all combine to form Alloyed. OxMet Technologies, Betatype and Alloyed Digital Manufacture all create an eco-system centred around digital solutions for metal.


The Alloyed website needed to convey, firstly the corporate brand. Second is to direct visitors to more granular details of the 3-system brand. Each page acts as a landing page, to then direct users to the appropriate website for them to discover more information about that brands services.

“I worked with Smarta Studio on a recent project originating new corporate websites and reconditioning existing ones coincident upon the merger of various brands into one. This was a complex undertaking requiring agility, attention to detail, responsiveness, adaptability, and also a high level of creativity. I am pleased to say that Smarta Studio excelled on all these requirements, and delivered a best-in-class service and exceptional websites. It was a pleasure working with them, and I would thoroughly recommend them for any website design projects you may be considering.”

Chris Young, Managing Director, Elite MCI


Since its launch, Alloyed has become a recognisable brand within the industry, and offers unique services to a large array of businesses.

The website has become the epicentre of the brands development and will grow alongside the business into the future.

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